Empowering Digital Connections in the Philippines

About BBIX Ph

BBIX Philippines is a company of two: InfiniVAN and BBIX. Two companies that set their goals to contribute to the internet as a whole with InfiniVAN and BBIX.

Since its establishment in 2023 in the Philippines, we will continue to provide our customers with trusted, affordable, and fast Internet eXchange experience, and contribute to the unlimited success in internet connectivity.

About BBIX, Inc.

BBIX‘s mission is to contribute to the prosperity of the Internet by creating a world where everyone enjoys a rich internet experience.

As a carrier-neutral IX provider since its establishment in 2003, BBIX has become one of the major IXPs and has been chosen by many ISPs, content players as well as enterprise customers to exchange their Internet traffic in the region or globally. Our slogan “No Peering, No Internet” is also well known in the Internet industry.

Looking ahead to the further expansion of the use of computing resources, we strive to provide greater value to customers and partners worldwide by using the latest technology for the 5G, IoT and IPv6 era.

About InfiniVAN Inc.

InfiniVAN, Inc. is a Japan-affiliated digital solutions and telecommunications company in the Philippines that offers and delivers:
  • World-class Connection
  • Guaranteed and Real Fiber Speed
  • Reliable Access and Services
We provide a business Internet user experience that is at par with global standards, delivered via end-to-end Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure that is fully redundant and backed up by experienced and reliable management and technical support teams.

Start your tomorrow, TODAY

Emerging nations face the challenge of a fast-paced digitalization which makes the race for modernization more demanding. However, with the rise of high technology digital solutions and global network expansions, emerging countries such as the Philippines can now keep up with the modern demands.

BBIX Ph an InfiniVAN company is the first ever Internet Exchange partnership to cater to emerging markets. With its priority towards the local and remote areas of the Philippines, success will become them.

Find out more about BBIX Ph, an InfiniVAN Company! Contact us at (02) 7-368-5232 or send an email to info@bbix.com.ph!