IX: Where Digital Pathways Converge

What is IX

The Internet that we use today is a network of networks. It is an aggregation of various services such as ISP, contents, and cloud. So how are they connected? The answer is simple: they are connected physically. And that is where the Internet Exchange (IX) service, which we provide, plays a major role.

IX allows cost reduction and low latency internet traffic exchange between ISPs, content providers, organizations, institutions, and other network operators. In other words, IX simplifies complicated connections between networks. Additionally, an IX connection point is a place where people that want contents and people that want their contents to be used interconnect on the same platform.

How to connect to BBIX Ph

Joining our IX connectivity is very simple. All you need are these 3 things:

IP Address

AS Number

BGP Ready Router

We are very happy to support you to acquire these!