Unlocking the Power
of Peering

What is Peering

The Internet is established by 2 types of connectivity methods: Peering and IP Transit. Peering, in the Internet society, means to gather allies and construct a cozy internet environment, where two ASs share their route with one another.

There are two types of peering

Public Peering

Connecting using IX
※this is where bbix ph comes to play

Private Peering

Direct connect using leased line (PNI:Private Network Interconnect)

IP Transit

The other type of connectivity method is called IP Transit, and you will have access to the full route to connect to the internet. IP Transit is a necessity to connect to the internet, and it is recommended to have multiple IP Transit connectivity for redundancy.

While IP Transit is a necessity for internet connectivity, depending highly on it is extremely costly. Furthermore, it is difficult to locate the point of fault and examine the details during a system failure. Peering, however, is not only cost efficient, but allows direct communication between two ASs and helps locate/examine the point of failure.